Tax Haven Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is the tax haven in Asia with  0%  tax rate for offshore incomes.

But it is a hidden news at all


Corporate Tax for Small and Medium Enterprises  14 %


Fixed Deposit interest rate 4 % 


 Invest in Sri Lanka 


Form a LLC in Sri Lanka within 3 days



 Hide your Money in Sri Lanka

 The Government took was to invite expatriate Sri Lankans and local and foreign investors to deposit foreign currencies in any commercial bank in Sri Lanka. scheme that provides 2% extra interest rate per year.  ( 4 %)

It was said that no questions will be asked about the money, no tax will be charged from account holders, and the money will be free from foreign exchange regulations. The Sunday Morning Business learns that this invitation has received a positive response, with many foreign investors depositing their money in Sri Lankan banks.

The idea is clear. The Government wants to position Sri Lanka as a tax haven, and an “offshore financial center ” and benefit from the potential flood of foreign currency. 


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