Alalan Makeup Brushes Set 12pcs Beauty MakeUp Brush Soft Blush Powder Foundation Eyeshadow Brush Wood Handle Microcrystalline

  • $85.98

Brush Material: Horse Hair
Brush Material: Goat Hair
Quantity: 12
Model Number: B001
Used With: Blusher
Used With: Lip
Used With: Concealer
Used With: Eye Shadow
Used With: Sets & Kits
Used With: Highlighter Brush
Used With: Sculpting Brush
Used With: Powder
Used With: Bronzer Brush
Used With: Eyebrow brush
Used With: Eyelashes
Used With: Eyeliner
Handle Material: Wood
Item Type: Makeup Brush
Product Categories: Makeup Brush
Brush Suit Total Amount: 12
Brush Hair Material: Wool Microcrystalline Fiber Wool Horse Hair
Brush Package Types: PU
Handle Material: Wooden Handle
Handle Specifications: Long Brush Holder
Length Specifications: 5.5CM
General Specifications: 18cm
Target User: A General-Purpose
Item: DA -1527
Brand: Alalan
The Origin of: Dongguan
The Appearance of the Color: OPP Packaging Bare Brush, Bow Leather Bag +12 Small Grapes, Brush Bag

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