Balancing Self-Care With Your Side Hustle : How to Pull It Off

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Many people struggle with maintaining work-life balance when they only have one job. However, if you add a side hustle to the mix, making time for self-care can be even harder.

Luckily, there is a way to find a balance. If you want to find ways to keep up with your self-care without causing your side hustle to suffer, here’s how to pull it off. Don’t forget to explore Mart Lion to shop for self-care and wellness tools and more!


Set Clear Boundaries

If you’re working a traditional job, running a side hustle, and juggling family obligations, boundaries are your friend. You need to clearly define when you’ll be working and when you won’t, creating a level of structure.

During the times that aren’t dedicated to working, you need to disconnect fully. Checking emails or messages disrupts your off time, making it harder to focus on family, friends, or self-care. Plus, an “always-on” mentality increases stress levels and may even lead to burnout.

Draw a line in the sand when it comes to work. Once you cross into your off-hours, set work aside. That way, you can focus on other activities.


Make Use of Your Calendar

When you work and run a side hustle, it’s easy to lose track of time. If you want to make sure that you can also focus on self-care, put it on your calendar.

By blocking out minutes or hours for specific self-care tasks, you commit the time you need in a formal way. Once you add an alert or notification, you also get a reminder to take the time you set aside, increasing the odds that you’ll participate in the activities you need to feel whole.


Create a Healthy Routine

For busy people, routines can be an excellent tool. When you consistently take part in healthy activities at set times every day, it’s easier to stick with it.

As you plan your routine, focus on health. Start by ensuring you have enough time for quality sleep and exercise. That way, you handle two of the foundations for healthy living right away.

When it comes to meals, make healthy eating part of your plan. This could include dedicating time to grocery shopping, meal preparation, and lunch packing. By putting that into your schedule, you increase your likelihood of following through. Then, in time, it simply becomes a habit, ensuring you’ll stick with it long-term.


Get the Right Professional Help

If your side hustle is preventing you from taking part in self-care activities, it may be time to get some help. By hiring professionals for specific tasks, you can give yourself more time to focus on core aspects of your business and maintain a better work-life balance.

For example, if you aren’t familiar with graphic design, you may want to hire freelance logo designers to handle that part of your company branding. Having a content marketer on your team can be wise as they can manage your blog, social media posts, and other tasks in that vein.

Similarly, if you want to register your business as an LLC, working with a formation service could be a smart move. The process will take much less time and effort than if you handle the work yourself. Plus, you can avoid hefty lawyer fees. Attorneys often charge between $250 and $600 per hour, so you’ll save a bundle by going with a formation service instead.

Just make sure that you review LLC laws for your state. You may need to use a different process if you’re registering in Alabama than people registering in Wyoming. By checking out the instructions in advance, you can ensure that the process goes forward properly.


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