Top 5 Healthy Ways to Be a Role Model For Your Kids

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5 Healthy Ways to Be a Role Model For Your Kids

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You want to be a role model for your children -- to show them with your own actions that you care about their development and think they should be taking care of themselves in specific, healthy ways. Presented today by Mart Lion, Here are five easy ways to ensure you’re presenting the best front you can for your children so they can grow up into healthy, active people who will make you proud.

1. Put on your seat belt

One way to make sure you are setting the right example for your children to follow is by ensuring that you yourself are putting safety first in your everyday activities. Putting on your seat belt, wearing a bike helmet, and practicing healthy driving habits (like looking both ways multiple times when turning left) are all ways you can show your children that you care about your everyday health. And as you show them how best to interact with the world with safety top of mind, they will emulate your decisions and prioritize safety in their own lives.

2. Support their educational decisions

Talk to your children about what they want to achieve in their lives, and if that requires schooling, get on board. If it doesn’t require schooling, also get on board! The key here is to show them you support their decisions and want to see them pursue their dreams. Ask them what their goals are. Get involved in their hobbies. Demonstrate your interest in their passions and make sure they know you care!


In addition, you can show them the importance of getting an education by earning an online degree yourself. For example, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Education is a great way to gain new skills and enhance your career options, not to mention the example you set will have a positive impact on your children. If they see you succeeding in business, they may want to pursue something similar.

3. Encourage a healthy diet

You can also encourage healthy habits by buying and consuming nutritionally dense foods. By consuming a diet rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and other important nutrients, you can create and nurture a foundation for their diets well into their futures. Lots of vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins like fish should be included in your child’s diet. A great way to get your kids thinking about what they’re eating is to involve them in the preparation of meals or packing of lunch kits.


A healthy diet, in the same vein, also has things you shouldn’t include. Namely, drugs and alcohol should be avoided. So if you want to take this to heart, you should encourage your child to stay away from mind-altering substances and practice what you preach -- don’t overindulge.

4. Engage in exercise

Another good way for parents to encourage healthy habits in their children is to instill in them an understanding of the benefits of regular exercise. Teaching them about exercise early is a great way to ensure they continue to prioritize fitness throughout adulthood and make good decisions when it comes to their personal health. It can also help improve heart, lung, and bone strength, and promotes healthy emotional well-being as well.

5. Enroll them in sports activities

One of the best ways for you to help your child develop as an individual and as a contributing member of our society is to enroll them in after-school sports. Team sport activities promote teamwork, exercise, and leadership skills.


By following the above tips, you’ll ensure your children grow into healthy adults!

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